Saturday, July 11, 2009

Prayer of Dedication

Let all of me be Yours.
Let my aim be love
from a pure heart,
from a clear conscience.
Let my day be sacrificed
to You,
to my wife,
to my family,
to my flock,
    to the poor,
    to the hurting,
to the world.
Let your glory be made known through me:
may I be less,
may You be more.
Let my eyes, hands, ears and feet
be moved by your Spirit,
be clean from sin,
be instruments of your love and redemption.
Let your help, comfort, and discipline come to me
because I am a creature,
because I am weak,
because I am sinful,
because I am yours in Christ,
because You are the only true and living God,
Father, son and Holy Spirit.
Who alone can hear my prayers,
Who alone can help me,
Who alone is full of mercy, 
But who will by no means clear the guilty.
Let your mercy fall on me,
Let Christ's blood clear my guilt
In His Name I pray, Amen.

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