Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sermon on the Mount (Leftovers)

A few weeks ago at my church, we began a series through the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus's famous teaching found in Matthew 5-7.  (You can check out the that sermons have been posted online here.)  Throughout the series we have not been able and will not be able to cover every sentence of Christ's great discourse, and so in order to fill out our time in this section, I am reposting some articles I wrote a few years ago.

So, in the coming weeks I plan to post a series of entries in what I've called The Sermon on the Mount (Leftovers) Series. (You'll be able to search for them under that tag.)  Not that these topics (lust, divorce, oaths, non-retaliation) are subsidiary, but unfortunately we cannot cover everything on Sundays.  The feast that Jesus lays out is just too big for one sitting!  And so... we're coming back to eat them another day.  Great leftovers indeed!

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