Thursday, May 22, 2014

Questions about spiritual growth

Our mission at Good Shepherd is to be a church in the Anglican tradition that is committed to inviting others to following Jesus, to growing as disciples of Jesus, and to serve wherever God sends us (or wherever he has put us!).  In the midst of all the activity of our lives and in the midst of all we do as a church, we can easily lose sight of this mission. And before I go on with this article, it may be worth it for you (and me as I write!) to stop and think: "Am I living this mission out? Am I inviting others to follow Jesus? Am I growing as a disciple of Jesus myself?  Am I serving where God has put me?"  Over the next few weeks in these "From Fr. Tom" segments, I am going to address these three aspects of our mission and how we might be able to live into them more fully.  

To start, I want to ask about "growing as a disciple of Jesus and helping others grow."  All of us need to grow as disciples of Jesus, learn to be love more and be more faithful to Jesus.  Everyone who is truly a Christian knows of areas where they need to grow because the Holy Spirit in them is convicting them of their sin.  But every one of us also has "blind spots," areas where we definitely need to grow but that we do not see.  

So, a few questions: 

1. Best as you can tell, what areas (only pick 2 or 3) do you need to grow in as a follower of Jesus? 
2. Who are you depending on to help you with your blind spots?  Does anyone have permission from you to let you know about those?
3. Finally, would you be willing to email or call or meet with me to talk about these?  As your pastor, I would absolutely love to know what areas you'd like to grow in and who is helping you with your blind spots.  I'd like to know this because I am praying for your growth, and I want to know how to pray.  And I'd like to know this so I can help you grow.  

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